Affiliate Program


Agent Inq is now offering several opportunities for affiliates to generate revenue. Start by signing up with our program's host, Bottlespark!


1. Sign up for Bottlespark (unless you already have an account, then just log in.) 

2. Update your Bottlespark profile with your information. 

3. Go to the 'Offers page' and locate the Agent Inq "Ambassador" offer. Click 'View Details' and at the bottom of the offer page click 'Join'.

4. In the offer you'll find your affiliate link. Use that on your website, twitch channel, social media, discord, etc. to refer people to Agent Inq. Any and all sales made through that link will earn commission.

5. You'll see stats for clicks and sales on the 'Reports' page. You'll get paid monthly for any balance over $5.

6. That's it!

NOTE: If you are an Agent Inq store owner, you can also sign up for the Agent Inq "Affiliate Offer" & the Agent Inq "Team Bonus" Offer!

"Affiliate" Offer: 5% commission on all sales via your provided affiliate link.

"Storekeeper" Offer: 5% commission automatically earned from any and all sales made through your store, with or without a link.

Questions? No problem. Get in touch with us today!

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